Infinity Bottling

State of the Art Bottling in the Napa Valley

A new standard for bottling.

Infinity Bottling is a brand new, state-of-the-art facility located in the heart of Napa Valley. Infinity is conveniently located close to multiple transportation arteries, case good storage warehouses and packaging suppliers. 

Infinity’s bottling line uses cutting edge automation technologies to  maximize efficiency and quality control. The line includes a proprietary intelligent conveyor system to reduce bottle to bottle contact. Bulk Glass handling capabilities and innovative technology enables Infinity to offer competitive pricing.


Infinity’s machines can produce up to 200 bpm. Closure options include cork/capsule as well as screwcap, and WAK. 375ml, 750ml, and Magnum bottling options are available.

Our Team.

Infinity’s team has over two decades of winery production, operations and bottling experience offered to our customers. Our president has over 10 years experience in production and operations of a 600k case winery.


  1. Are there minimum/maximum run sizes?
  2. Do you apply multiple closure types?
    Yes, cork & capsule, screwcap, and WAK are available.
  3. Are there efficiencies and savings with bulk glass?
    Yes, the line runs most efficiently on the packaging equipment packing bulk glass. Loading 3 cases at a time and inserting the partition after the bottles saves time and reduces label scuffing. Shoulder height partitions also save customers on corrugate expenses.

Bulk Glass.

Infinity offers bulk glass services. The benefits of converting to bulk glass handling are numerous:

  • Environmental benefit – more glass per delivery truck
  • Cartons remain pristine from less handling
  • Customer savings on the cost of repacking
  • Customer savings on the cost of carton erecting
  • Reduced cost of storage on glass/cartons – only purchase and assemble what is needed per project


"Forward-thinking approaches to wine bottling."
"Jessica Tuteur, president and general manager of Infinity Bottling, LLC is a 2023 North Bay Business Journal Influential Women Award winner."
"With the 2018 harvest fast approaching, Infinity Bottling opened its sizable plant in southern Napa Valley at an opportune time, according to Jessica Tuteur, president and co-owner."
"it’s been truly exciting to watch all that shiny stainless steel come over from Italy, be assembled and breathed into life by an expert team of handlers. "


Infinity Bottling, LLC
677 Hanna Drive, Suite B
American Canyon, CA 94503